Bugaboos Intro Classics (5 days)

The Bugaboos are, without a doubt, some of the best alpine rock climbing in North America. This will be the trip of a lifetime! The majestic scenery, alone, will create lasting memories and a burning desire to return. 

This is a 5 day introductory climbing trip focussing on the most popular classics in the Bugaboos. Our guides are Bugaboos veterans and know these mountains like their backyard. You will have the opportunity to climb classics like: West Ridge 5.4, Pigeon Spire; NE Ridge 5.7, Bugaboo Spire; Lions Way 5.6, Crescent Tower; Kain Route 5.6, Bugaboo Spire; and Snowpatch Route 5.8, Snowpatch Spire among others! 

For this trip, you have the pleasure of staying in the comfortable and historic Conrad Kain Hut. The "Kain Hut" has all amenities, including running water, sleeping mattresses, and electricity. The location is spectacular with Snowpatch, Bugaboo, Eastpost, and Hounds Tooth Spires as your back drop. The trail accessing the hut is 5km long and ascends 700m to treeline. Views along the way are outstanding. 

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Bugaboos Intro Classics (5 days)